Armenian Technological Hub

The Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia has elaborated on a program called “Armenian Virtual Bridge” to make Armenia competitive and technologically advanced country in the region. The program is aimed at linking Armenia with other international technological centers using Armenian scientific mindset, opportunities and the potential of the Diaspora. 
The most important component of the program is to establish the first state “Technological and Innovative Hub” in Armenia. It will serve as another incentive to make high technologies as a leading sector of the economy, to integrate innovative solutions thoroughly into the branches of the economy, to create the opportunity for the free entrance and exit of the talent, ideas and companies from other international technological centers to Armenia, to provide the representation of international Acceleration and Incubation giants, to support the companies entirely, which have moved to Armenia and help them be part of the ecosystem. This pursues one goal, which is to turn Armenia into regional technological center.


The philosophy of the Hub is the completion of the ecosystem, which gives rise to the innovations, which will become possible with the implementation of educational, R&D scale programs. Free spaces, areas will be provided to the startups, who moved to Armenia, where it will be possible to bring innovative ideas to life, to organize “Incubation” and “Acceleration” programs. Opportunities will be created for the companies to meet with the venture investors, business angels, and represent the product, conduct meetings and discussions with the successful entrepreneurs of the field. 
The important attractiveness of the “Hub” is the fact, that it will unite the representatives of “Acceleration” and “Incubation” centers with international recognition under its roof and will create opportunities for the startups to visit the Silicon Valley and other technological centers. It completes the chain of technological ecosystem, and increases the attractiveness to move to Armenia. 
The selection of the area for the “Hub” has not been accidental. It is in the area of the Institute of Mathematical Machines in Erevan, which has been one of the leading R&D institutes in the Soviet Union. It was one of the leaders in the creation of the highly reliable computing systems and Small and Medium sized computers in the field of high-technology. 
“The Hub” will give the second breath to the R&D centers as a result of the programs carried out at its area. 
The total space of the “Hub” amounts to 682.5 square meters, which will consist of areas designed to conduct working meetings and discussions, to represent programs. 
Currently, the competition was announced for the internal decoration interior design and the applications will be reviewed on 17, July. It is anticipated to complete the whole construction works of the area in December, 2020.