Introduction to Silicon Valley

       Week 1

  • Silicon Valley Ecosystem and Business Models
  • Decoding Silicon Valley
  • Primary Reasons Startups Fail and Real World Marketing
  • A Vision of the Future: Disruptions and Opportunities Ahead


       Week 2

  • Getting to Product Market Fit 
  • Fundamentals of Product Management
  • Design Thinking in Action
  • Lean Execution of a Business Plan


       Week 3 

  • Building Your Breakthrough Go To Market Story
  • Creating a Powerful Branding Strategy for Your Company
  • Startup Lessons and Value Proposition
  • Lessons Learned from 1000’s of Entrepreneurs and their Startups


       Week 4 

  • Successful Marketing for Startups
  • Secrets of Persuasion in Selling
  • How to find customers? Product/Market Fit: Customer Discovery


       Week 5 

  • Successful Global Expansions for Business   
  • Scaling Startup Success
  • Scaling Your Business-The Three Fundamental Barriers to Scaling
  • A Winning Formula for Sustainable Growth

Business Development

       Week 6 

  • How to establish B2B Partnerships as a Startup
  • Business Development Strategies to Start Selling in the U.S.
  • Negotiations and Commercial Transactions


       Week 7 

  • Establishing a U.S. Company for your Startup
  • Startup Financing in the U.S. (Legal IssuesTopics)
  • Finance, Legal and Operational Challenges of Setting Up Innovative Business in the US
  • Legal Immigration Issues


       Week 8 

  • Financing Options for Startups
  • Startup Valuation, What is Your Startup Worth?
  • Pitch Perfect Top 10 Tips for an Investor Pitch and Actual Pitch
  • How to Make Your Startup Look Hot for Investors
  • An Investor-Worthy Pitch
  • How to get your Startup Acquired