Participation Commitment


Participants will be required to complete the entire curriculum, which includes reading and watching educational videos, as well as completing assignments that are tailored to benefit their own company. It will require a significant amount of time and effort from participants. Participants can expect to dedicate at least 12 hours per week during the 8-week program․


The AVC platform will measure your active engagement with the educational resources and discussion forums․


Classes will be held 2 times per week. They will be recorded, but participants are required to attend all live sessions 


You will have weekly one-on-one meetings with your mentor and the program coordinator  


The program will include opportunities for several virtual networking meetings with technologists from the Armenian community in Silicon Valley 


At the end of the program, participants will present their business plans to the selection committee, showing learnings from the topics covered during the 8 weeks. Their plan will be evaluated by the selection committee. 


Only participants who complete the entire curriculum thoroughly and successfully will be invited for a free of charge visit to Silicon Valley 


Upon their return to Armenia, participants will share their acquired knowledge, experience and culture with the startups in the regions’ technology parks